Free February 2020 Printable Calendar Templates in PDF, Word, Excel

February 2020 Calendar is the second month of the year both in the Gregorian and the Julian calendars. The month holds the special recognition of being recognized as the shortest month of the year, as it contains only 28 days in the normal year and 29 days in the leap year. It is the last month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and also the last month of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

February 2020 Calendar Template

February 2020 Calendar Template

In the Northern Hemisphere February is the third month of the winter while it is opposite in the Southern Hemisphere where it is the third month of the summer. February is also recognized as the first month of the year, which has the length of fewer than 31 days and is the shortest month of the year. The February leap month occurs after every 4 years of the span which makes the February as comprised of the 31 days.

Derivation of the Month

2020 February Printable Calendar

2020 February Printable Calendar

Well, you would be surprised to know that both the January and the February months earlier were not the parts of the ancient Roman calendars as both of these months were all about the winter, and winter was period less back then. Both of these months were later added into the calendar in the 713 BC and became the official winter months of the calendar.

2020 February Blank Calendar Template

February 2020 Blank Calendar

The derivation of the ancient Roman February month owes to the Latin word “Februum” which has a meaning of purification. Februa was the purification ritual back in the ancient Roman culture, which used to be celebrated on the 15th February so from there the month February holds its derivation. There was the time when the February was truncated to the 23 or 24 days but later it was realigned with the seasons.

February Calendar 2020 PDF

February Calendar 2020 PDF

In the whole 12 months of the year February is the only month which doesn’t have the full moon in its common length of 28 days, however in, the leap February month there occurs the full moon day. Further below we are listing down the certain observances of the February month which are recognized in this month.

  • Amburbium- Unknown
  • Sementivae-2 February
  • Lupercalia- 13-15 February
  • Parentalia- 13-22 February
  • Quirinalia- 17 February
  • Feralia- 21 February
  • Caristia- 22 February
  • Terminalia-23 February
  • Regifugium- 24 February
  • Agonium Martiale- 27 February

Facts About February Month

February Portrait Calendar 2020

February 2020 Portrait Calendar

If you want to know about some other unknown facts about the month of February then you are in the correct section of the article.

Here below we are listing down some major facts about your favorite month.

  • In the United States February is celebrated as the National Dental health day for the pet animals and is also the hot breakfast month.
  • People who are born in the month of February has the birthstone of amethyst and the Violet as the birth flower.
  • February is the only month of the year where there occurs no full moon in the common length of the day.
  • We all know about the famous poet William Shakespeare and Much Ado About Nothing is the Shakespeare play which is only one that mentioned the name of February.
  • The majority of the Americans spells the February as Feburary.
  • In the ancient English February used to be known as the Solmonath and Kale monath.
  • February has been derived from the word “Februa” which means the purification.
  • The month of February is known to be as the twins of March and November months since all these three months start on the same day.
  • February is the only month which contains all the 7 days of the week in every 7 years while it is never possible by any other month.

Other Special Days and the Observations in the month of February

2020 February Landscape Calendar

February 2020 Landscape Calendar

If you want to know that what are some of the other days which occur in the month of February, then here we are going to provide you with the list of those special days which holds their presence in the month of February.

  • Month with the black history
  • Kid’s dental health month
  • National month of the grapefruits
  • National month of weddings
  • Month of creative romance
  • American month for heart health
  • No politics Day
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
  • Day of international World thinking
  • Public sleeping day
  • Day of Oscar Night
  • Day of Carnival
  • President’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • National Day of Freedom
  • Chocolate Day
  • Promise Day
  • Hug Day
  • Propose Day
  • Teddy Day

These are some of the renowned days which are celebrated in the month of February.

Climate in the Month of February

February Calendar 2020 With Holidays

February month’s climate can be defined in the context of two Hemispheres which are the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere February is the third coldest month of the year, while in the Southern Hemisphere it is the third warmest month of the year.

February Calendar 2020 With Holidays

In the United States which is the part of the Northern Hemisphere the average temperature there can be witnessed somewhere around 14 to 16 degrees on the average scale, and in few regions, it can drop down even beyond than this average mark. Florida and Arizona these are the two regions where you can witness the highest level of temperature in the February month.

2020 February Excel Calendar

On the other side if we talk about the climate of the Southern Hemisphere then here February is the third month of the summer. For example, the Maturities is the part of the Southern Hemisphere and there you can witness the 28 to 30 degrees average temperature in the month of February, which is just opposite from the Northern Hemisphere’s climate.

February 2020 Excel Calendar

In Mauritius, February 1st is known as the longest day of the month, where you can witness the daylight of around 13 hours while the 29th February is the day with the minimum daylight of 12 and half hour.

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